Welcome to the IR Registration Reports Web site

The site provides an array of data on various aspects of student enrollment at Cal State Northridge. Figures are provided throughout for FTES and/or headcount students and presented separately for multiple units and groupings.

Four broad types of reports are available on this site, all of which are listed to the left of this introduction and described below. To access any one, simply click on the appropriate link and make the additional choices that present themselves to arrive at the appropriate registration figures.

     Registration Reports: these current and archived daily reports constitute the heart of the site and are shown separately by department, College, and the university as a whole. Regularly updated weekly summaries are also provided during the first weeks of the semester. Semester-by semester final enrollment counts are provided for all terms back to Fall 2004 (click on the "Previous Terms" link to access them).

     Multi-Year Reports: summarize final FTES and headcount enrollment numbers for the five most recent like terms (i.e., Fall or Spring). With the aid of links at each level, the numbers shown become progressively more detailed, descending from the College, to the department, and, finally, to the course level.

PLEASE NOTE: moving from a lower to a higher level in a display using the links displayed within the Registration and Multi-Year Reports sections of the site requires use of the site-specific Back buttons.

The browser Back arrows work within the displays that appear wholly within the main screen for the Capacity and Low Enrollment Reports.

     Course Capacity Reports: replace the no-longer available "Demand Reports". Figures are broken down by College and department and show course capacity in any given semester, as well as the number of available seats at any given point in time during the first weeks of the semester.

     Waitlist Reports: now track classes with waitlists. Figures are broken down by department and show course capacity in any given semester, as well as both the number of available seats and waitlist activity at any given point in time up to the first day of class. Enrolled students are not counted as waitlisted, and a student is only counted once per course in the department report or once per report row in the detail report. Also, a course can have openings in some sections but waitlist counts in other sections.

     Low Enrollment Reports: provide registration numbers for courses commonly considered to have an unacceptably low enrollment. Separate reports are available for individual departments, Colleges, or the entire university.

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